Tale of the Haunted Tracks!

by Chad
(Pleasant Gap, PA)

I remember growing up I was always told this story of a car accident on a set of railroad tracks not far from where I grew up.

It starts out about a train hitting a vehicle that had broken down with 3 people and a dog on the train tracks outside of McElhatten, PA, on Pine Mountain Road. Now at night if you go out there and pretend to brake down on the tracks you will be pushed of the tracks. When I was old enough to drive I had to check this out, so me and some buddys put baby powder on the back of my car and went out and stalled the car on the tracks and were pushed off the tracks. I was so spooked out that I started the car back up and sped out of there when we got into town we stopped at a gas station and there were 3 sets of hand prints and paw prints from a dog on the back of my car. I haven't been back that way ever since.

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Soooooo Not True............
by: Anonymous

Nothing against you, but i really dont believe this, and the reason why i dont believe this is because I know where this story originated.

Years ago in Louisiana a school bus full of children broke down on the railroad tracks. A train came speeding down the tracks and crashed into the bus. There were no survivors. Now the legend is everytime you stop on the tracks the children will push you off of them. So back in the 90's a team went to investigate and they stopped their car, put it in neutral and low and behold it started rolling across the tracks. So they were skeptical and wondering how this could happen, so they dusted the car for fingerprints. Nothing there. They parked the car again put it in neutral and low and behold it started moving again. Well, this time they put the baby powder on the back of the car. Once again no fingerprints. So they started doing some other tests, and come to find out the reason the cars kept moving is not because of any ghost children it was because there was actually a downhill slope and it was gravity pushing the cars off of the tracks. The way the horizon was lined it looked as if there was no slant, but in all actuality it was a hill.

by: Mick

This sounds really interesting. Good thinking also about the powder. Could you email me and tell me more about this spot>



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