By the way Patricia, Patty Wilson was our tour guide that night. I don't know if she does it all the time-12 year old writer

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Patty Wilsom
by: Patricia


I just had brunch with Patty Wilson a couple of weeks ago. What a lovely lady to talk to. She has so many true ghostly tales I found myself wishing we could have stayed and talked all day.

She told me that the Bedford tours are scheduled now, not a regular event. I hope to go on one this summer.

I mentioned the 12 year old writer that tells us so many interesting ghostly tales on my website and that you are an admirer of hers, she was flattered.

Patty promises that she will be telling a few ghostly tales to us as soon as she gets time. She's doing a lot of book signings and ghost hunts right now. Oh, by the way, she has three new books coming out soon!

Take care and thanks for being a fan and contributor of PA ghostly tales.

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