by Steve Sherwood
(Harmony Pa)

At 6'3 295 lbs not many things raise the hair on the back of my neck (except may be the wife! j.k.) I consider myself a very down to earth kinda guy. Anyway, my wife was out of town for business and our kids were at grandmas and grandpas when this took place.

I was watching some TV, relaxing when all of a sudden the power went out. I didn't think any thing of it really because this is a really old house! Made in the mid 1880's. I went to stand up and go to the basement to check the fuse box, the next thing I know, after about 10 seconds, the power comes back on. Then I look at the door to the basement, and it itself! Now mind you, this door has a latch and needs to be turned to open...I just stood there for a second, trying to grasp what I had just seen. It made no sense. Finally, I went to the top of the stairs to see if anyone was down there and of course, there wasn't. And there it is. I'm now convinced there is something in this house, I just don't know what...

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1880 House
by: Patricia

Hi Steve,

I know exactly what you're saying about living in an old house. I also live in a house built in the 1880s. Like you, I'm convinced there is more living here than we are able to see. Have you ever tried taking digital pictures or video's? And don't it seem that things like that always happen when you're alone?

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale,


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