shadow persons

by Jayne
(pa. usa)

My first encounter with a shadow person happened on March 12, 2008. It was evening, the house was quiet, and I was relaxing on the couch in the living room. I often sit and stare as I am depressed a lot. I was staring off into the distance when something caught my eye. I looked through the dining room to the hallway where the steps go to the second floor. What I saw didn't scare me, but it took me by surprise. I saw a partial person, dark and shadowy, who looked to be half in this dimension and half in another. It was moving from right to left down the hall and it turned and went up the stairs. Just 1 or 2 steps and then it vanished. A partial torso was visible and part of the left arm and head, but the bottom trailed off, no legs to speak of.

I have been told various times by different people and I have noticed too, that I have some spirits here in my home. Maybe a spirit of my husbands father and his late friend haunt us here. So when my brother , who lived with us for 3 years got cancer and passed on January 08, started to hang around here too I just thought it was one of them.

I just thought I saw a ghost. But then on February 12, 09 I was in my brothers old room, where my friend now stays, and something happened again. This time I was on the bed, across the bottom, laying on my stomach, while my friend was in a sitting position at the top of the bed. We were both looking at the TV on one side of the room and opposite the door way. I just happened to look back at the open door and saw a figure standing there. It was tall and wide and big shouldered and gruff looking but most of all it was a dark black color. There were no features. I immediately looked back to the TV not realizing what I just saw and when I quickly turned back again it was gone. I was dumb founded and I looked at my friend and said, "I just saw someone standing there, and then they vanished". The more I thought about it the more I was convinced it wasn't any of my normal ghosts. This was because of the size of the shadow. It had to be 6'5" and none of my ghosts were that big.

I do not think any of my thoughts or feelings at the time had and bearing on this encounter. However it could be that my total home situation (which is extremely stressful and angry) had something to do with it. I am a depressed person, and I am on disability for this condition. I am medicated with anti depressants and scytzo drugs. They keep me level minded. I don't get angry and I don't get sad or mad or excited or scared. But they don't make me see things. So I am pretty sure these were honest visions. I did not try to communicate with these shadow people. Nor do I think they were trying to communicate with me.

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Great story
by: river

Very well written. Shadow people can be one of the most frightening type of entity to encounter. They say that mostly they exude an evil presence. You make the distinction between the ones who are ghosts and the one you saw that was a true shadow person.

Advice for both problems
by: Susan C

Hey Jayne,

If your situation is that stressful, you sure don't need any ghosts or shadow people further complicating matters. Call a priest or minister and ask to have the house blessed. They will come, say some prayers, throw holy water about, and this will ease things up if not totally eradicate them. Meanwhile, here are some natural CURES (yes, CURES) for depression:

. WALK. Go out into fresh air every day and just take a 30 -45 minute walk. Stroll, relax, look around, and this will produce TONS of endorphins, those feel-good chemicals in your brain.

. Limit sugar and white flour (processed crap) consumption. Eat more whole foods, fruits, vegies, nuts, rice, fish. Processed food makes you fell dull, sluggish, not to mention constipated and mentally foggy.

. Take Omega 3 capsules. WHAT AN AMAZING DIFFERENCE THIS WILL MAKE. And/or, eat lots of salmon, pecans, sardines, which are loaded with these healthy, mood-enhancing oils.

Life is wonderful, start by getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine and vitamin D and exercise. Improves sleep, too. Force yourself - it's only a stroll! After 21 says it will be a habit and you'll just do it. After only 2-3 days, you WILL notice a big difference.

TAKE CONTROL of your life, your health, your mood - and your ghosts. One day at a time. Best of luck! :) :) :)

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