Salsa's Mexican Grille Ghost

by Pat
(Bedford, Pa)

As a worker there at the Salsa Mexican Grille I often experienced the mystery ghost. I saw his shadow cross the wall while no one was there yet. I used to work the morning buffet. Many times, even co workers can attest to this, but you could hear a very busy kitchen and pans and things falling suddenly. Only to find no one was there. And nothing had actually fallen.

One morning while working alone, lids and things started coming off the one shelf at my feet. That same day i heard a very loud crashing in the same spot. I was annoyed thinking he threw more stuff on the ground. But nothing was touched. There seems to be more activity in the hallway leading from the hotel to the restaurant and the kitchen.
One previous co worker would ring the back door repeatedly and knocked thinking the cooks were ignoring her because she 'heard' them inside only to find no one was there.

Some days we i worked with my daughter did hear the one room with the windows filled with diners clanging utensils and glass when it empty. Definitely a surreal experience. Yet nothing to be afraid of. Before I forget, things also disappeared from some workers. And on occasion the ghost would help me.

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Salsas Mexican Grille
by: Pat

I don't work there as much now. I am sometimes helping with their book keeping now. My daughter is still therein the evenings. The owner Armando consented to hearing the same thing one evening. He went to double check who was still in the kitchen. The other girls who had things disappear [a make up case in the hall bathroom] and the other morning waitress do not work there. But if you travel in - look me up.
I work at the Hideaway. Its a resale store in Everett at the moment. 814-652-9500 is the phone.

Ghostly Tale of the Salsa's Mexican Grille
by: Patricia

Hello Pat,

I'm really sorry I couldn't respond to your ghostly tale sooner. I went through a computer crash this summer and lost all my programs, files, pictures, you name it.

I do want to thank you for taking the time to share your ghostly tale of the experience you've had at the Salsa Mexican Grille in Bedford, PA. I've heard of so many haunted locations through Bedford County. Next time I'm in the area I'll be sure to stop at the grille and enjoy a Mexican meal and talk to the workers about your noisy and naughty ghost.


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