Route 44 Jersey Shore

by Tammy

Along Route 44 approaching Jersey Shore from the east, there is a very steep mountain. My daughter and I were out for a drive to Cherry Springs one beautiful, autumn, Saturday. That particular part of the road is very steep and very curvy. As we went around one right hand curve we both saw a man on a bicycle approaching the next curve in the road. He went around the bend and out of our sight. When we got to the point in the road a few seconds later he was nowhere to be seen. We went a little further expecting to catch up to him. My daughter asked "if I had seen him and where could he have gone".

This mountain is so steep that anyone on a bicycle couldn't pedal fast enough to out run a car. Curious, we went to the lookout at the top of the summit and turned around. We couldn't find anything. At the spot where he would have disappeared the drop is too great for him to have gone off the road to the left and too straight for him to go up the mountain to the right.

We have no explanation for what we saw, nor have we heard any other accounts for similar sightings there. If anyone has any insight on this I would appreciate knowing.

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Amazing Ghostly Sightings
by: Patricia

Isn't it amazing Tammy, how when we see something like this we suddenly think our minds must have been playing tricks on us. If you go through different ghostly tales by other visitors you'll notice that this has happened to different people, not necessarily in the same area but seeing someone that really don't seem suspecious until suddenly they just vanish with no explanation how they could have possibly went anywhere.

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale with us, I'm hoping someone in that area reads your post here on my website and can offer some feedback.


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