Railroaders Museum Hauntings

by Matthew Villani
(Altoona, PA)

One time I was visiting the Railroader's Museum to get more information about the ghost hunt that was coming up, and I heard big band music playing very faintly from pretty far up, at the time I thought it was from a loudspeaker. I wondered at first if it was coming from the gift shop, I couldn't hear it in the gift shop, only very faintly in a location near the gift shop that kept moving.

Later, during the ghost hunt, I found out that the big band music was evidence of a haunting, something that other people had heard lots of times but with no source. Later that night in one part of the children's playroom, I could feel the tape recorder vibrating and when I put my hand in that certain spot that kept moving, my hand was pulsating and tingling, like it felt fatigued, even though I hadn't used it for anything that would do so.

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by: Abe Torkelton

Pennsylvania Ghostly Tales
by: Patricia (webmaster)

Thank you Matthew for sharing your Pennsylvania Ghostly Tale of visiting the Altoona Railroaders Museum.

I have also experienced hearing big band music while visiting the Altoona Railroaders Museum, I heard it on the second floor in the area of Kelly's Bar. I thought it was a radio playing to make the era more realistic. I kicked up a conversation with the ladies in the gift shop and mentioned hearing the music and they informed me they never play a radio or any kind of music in the museum. Thay also added that many people have mentioned hearing big band music in the area.

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