Poor trapped souls

by Kira Shnoot
(Altoona, Pennsylvania America)

It was a few summers ago and it ws my birthday. My mom said for my birthday she said she would take me out to a cemetary that was believed to be haunted. I was very excited to go. That is until we went.

We left the house at about 11:00 pm. I brought along a recorder I had laying around the house to take some E.V.Ps. When we entered the cemetary I got a very weird feeling. Like I was being watchwed by someone evan though no one but me and my mom were there.

We went to about the middle of the cemetary and then sat down in the grass and started and E.V.P session. I told them my name and that I was not here to hurt them. I finally started my session. My first question was "What is your name?". Followed by "Why are you here?" and "What year were you barried?". I then asked "What did you die of?".

When I was done talking I told them that if they had anything to say say it now. I took about a 15 second pause then turned the recorder off. When we got up and went to walk around we both heard scrathing that lasted about 5 seconds. We both froze with fear. We couldnt move. We looked at each other then heard a man scream. Our eyes widened and we ran out of the cemetary and didn't look back

When I got home that night it was about 12:00. I went to bed and decided that I would check the recorder in the morning. The next morning I got the recorder and drove to my mothers house. We sat at the kitchen table and listened to the recorder the first answer to our first question was a faint voice saying "Christopher". Then the next answer said 'HELP I'm trapped" in a faint voice not answering my question. It didnt answer the rest of my question.

I went back to the cemetary that same day and told the owner about what had happened. They said that there had been and insedent years and years ago that a man named christophere had been barried alive. Shocked I went home. I never went back there again.

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by: Kira

Hey guys! Please leave my story lots of comments. THANKS!

reply to patrica
by: kira

Im sorry the cemetary i went to was not in altoona I was away at my cousins house for my birthday she lives sumwhere in like Oklahoma.

Altoona Cemetary
by: Patricia

Hello Kira,

I can't help but be curious as to what cemetary in Altoona you visited that night. That was a pretty creepy ghostly tale. What an awful way to die. I've never heard about a Christpher being buried alive in Altoona. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us.


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