Yummy Pennsylvania Maple Festival
Somerset County, Meyersdale, PA

photo of maple tree tapping at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival photo of a wooden bucket full of maple cakes at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival photo of breakfast of pancakes with maple syrup at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival

The Annual Pennsylvania Maple Festival
Somerset County - Meyersdale, PA
March 29th & 30th & April 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th & 6th, 2014
Phone: (814) 634-0213

Discover one of the sweetest Pennsylvania festivals at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival in Somerset County, Meyersdale, PA. Enjoy all things Maple along with stage shows, historical events, crafts and unique quilts.

After over 60 years of celebrating the arrival of spring and the annual arrival of the sweet maple sap, the Pennsylvania Maple Festival has developed into one of the largest maple festivals in the world. The PA festival is located in the heart of Meyersdale, PA in the location called Festival Park. Here you'll find;

  • The original Meyers Homestead
  • An antique Dr.'s office
  • The Cobblers Shop
  • The Country Store
  • Sugar Camp
  • Period Reenactors

Here's where you'll learn how to and enjoy:

  • Tap a Maple tree
  • Boil sap into syrup
  • Make sugar cakes
  • Twirl spotza and sugar off
  • Fine Arts and Homemade Crafts
  • Food Booths
  • Maple pastries
  • Variety of live entertainment

As you stroll through this Pennsylvania festival, you'll see costumed historic interpreters of the early settlement of Meyersdale and you'll learn the Legend of the Magic Water.

It's a day you'll be sure to remember and want to enjoy year after year.

cup of ice cream with maple syrup on top at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival photo of rug making at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival photo of quilts on display at the Pennsylvania Maple Festival

Historic Meyers Homestead
An Historic Pennsylvania Landmark

photo of Myers Manor in Meyersdale, PA, now known and Maple Manor You can tour the Historic Meyers Homestead during the Pennsylvania Maple Festival. It was built in the early 1700's. The property exchanged hands through this period until Peter Meyers and his wife took possession in 1828. Peter Meyers was known as an upstanding citizen in the community and after his death in 1870 the community decided to name the town of Meyersdale in honor of Peter Meyers in 1874.

Over the years Meyers Manor played host to many famous people. Probably the most famous person to spend the night there was President Ulysses Grant.

In 1964 the house was acquired by the Pennsylvania Maple Festival and renamed The Maple Manor.

Interesting Maple Facts and Trivia


  • A gallon of maple syrup weighs 11 lbs.
  • 30-50 gallons of sap are evaporated to make 1 gallon of maple syrup
  • A maple tree is at least 30 years old before it is tapped
  • Each tap will yield 10 gallons of sap per year about 1 quart of syrup
  • Nothing is added to pure maple syrup
  • The mapling season may least 8 to 10 weeks but the heavy sap may run only 10 to 20 days.
  • The maple season ends with springs warm nights and the first sign of the tree budding.

The American Indians celebrated the "maple moon" or "sugar moon" as the return of spring. They hacked the maple trees with tomahawks and collected the sugar water in troughs or crude vessels. The Indians condensed sugar water or sap by dropping heated stones in wooden troughs containing the liquid.

There is so much to learn about making maple syrup and maple sugar, it's a delicate process like no other. You can learn all about it when you visit The Pennsylvania Maple Syrup Festival this year.

Admission: Adults $4.00 Children 6-12 $1.00 under 5 FREE!


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