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Pennhurst State School and Hospital for the feelble-minded and the epileptic was built in 1903 and opened in 1908 and abandoned in 1987 which is located in Spring City, PA was recently investigated by a team of paranormal investigators on the travel channel.(the show is called Ghost Adventures.) Until then I had never heard of this paranormal gold mind.

It is farther east and close to Philidelphia. Many of you have probobly heard of Eastern State Penitentary in Philie, Pennhurst has been compared to the place with a similar name being Eastern State Institution which means it is being called hell on earth.

The poor living condition due to overcapacity made patients and staff on edge. the place was closed because of patient abuse, and poor medical procedures. It has been said that you can feel the anguish and hear the screams of former patients, along with objects being moved and people being hit. Some say its where the idea for the Saw series got some of their ideas.

Also the cornfield behind the buildings has a cemetary which is full of dead patients, ages ranging from new born to over seventy. The buildings were used mostly for the development of mentally retarted children, but there were people who had been born, lived, and died in the buildings, never seeing the outside walls.

If you take a few minutes to think of the agony of living there your whole life going through the same routine everyday in the overpopulated hallways and corridors never being able to get yourself out of the rut and to find yourself happy to die and getting out of the horrible place, one can only assume the place to be haunted by the tortured souls that once had the unpleasent opportunity of living there.

There are many buildings making up the Pennhurst property with the medical buildings getting the most activity. I ask that you please dont break in or trespass with the fine being upwards of 1000 dollars. I just found the story very interesting and felt people should know about it, because I dont think it's a well known property.

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Pennhurst - So Sad
by: Patricia

Hi there,

It's good to hear from you again. Thank you so much for sharing your story of Pennhurst. You're right, it's heartbreaking to think of so many people that had to live their life suffering day after day in such an environment. I have no doubt there are many ghostly tales that could come from there.


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