Pennhurst + Eastern State

by 15 year old writer formally know as all of the other # old writers
(Bedford, PA)

Finally i got to go to Eastern State Penn and Pennhurst, i went for the haunted house attraction at Pennhurst and it was very good. Also at Eastern State the guided tour was also very fun and Id recommend either of these two things to anybody. Also in Eastern State i got a picture of something traveling across my screen in one of the cells, and at Pennhurst i randomly took a shot a the window and saw somthing similar to what i saw at Eastern. Ive heard these things called rods before but it could have just as easily been a bug or dust. K Well just checking in.

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by: Alyssa Lovemuffins

Wow i wonder if thats an orb or just dust check in a again if you ever get an answer on that thanks for sharing!

Eastern State Penn & Pennhurst
by: Patricia

Thank for letting us know about your visit to Easter State Penn & Pennhurst. I'm sure the tours were exciting for you. I'd love to visit those places sometime. I think I'd get pretty creeped out though.


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