Nice Old House, Nice Old Ghost

by Cindy Bowser
(Franklin, PA USA)

Many years ago 1994 I lived in a small city in Northwestern PA, Sharon, Mercer County. I was moving into an old house built in the 1900s. I was with a friend of mine, it was midday, we were moving boxes in the house I was ready to make another trip inside when this older women stopped out front on the sidewalk, and was talking to my friend. I found her really odd, she was telling us about the house and the history, how a girl died in the house, 10 years before we moved in, in 1984. It was a young girl about 19. Then an older couple moved in after that and the older gentleman died three years later in the house as well of heart failure. She was a ghost, she looked like she just stepped out of the past from the 50s, it was very strange. We talked for a bit, she was very nice, she looked like she stepped out of a black and white movie, her color was out of place,she had a 1950s skirt and jacket on. She knew the older couple that lived there, I excused myself and said it was nice meeting her. She didn't give her name and said I have to get finished in the house. I came out 2 minutes later to see if she was still talking to my friend. He said to me, "I turned around for just a minute and she vanished". Judging by her age I couldn't figure out how she had got away so quickly.

At that time I didn't realize what had happened, and every time I tell someone the story I get the same reaction, "oh yeah, your making it up, thats crazy". After all this time I still get the chills.

I have had quite a few incidents after that and I live in a house now that was built in 1876 and has a few spirits in it and get crazy incidents almost all the time.

Thanks for listening to my story.

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Ghostly Spirits
by: Patricia

Hi Cindy,

You've come to the right place to share your ghostly tale. I have no problem believing what you're saying. Did you read the story I wrote about Royer Mansion and the elderly woman that use to own it? It seems elderly spirits love to hang around old houses, old neighborhoods or towns that they loved for so many years. It was a unique experience for both you and your friend to meet this woman, I'm sure she had a message she needed to share about that old house.

Thanks for sharing with us Cindy,


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