My Poor Little Dog

by Dealia Kimber
(Altoona pa)

I am just nice little old lady with only a small little hound dog to keep me company. Well, my little dog always sleeps in my bed with me and one night I woke up with him not in my bed and I heard a dripping sound. It was coming from down stairs. So, I got my robe and slippers on and went down stairs. My fauset was running and so I just guessed that apperently I left it on. So, I turned it off and went back to sleep, not finding my dog. I was awoken once agian on the same night hearing a dripping sound, once again. It was once again coming from downstairs. The whole peculiar thing happened agian. I was time awoken one last time hearing the dripping sound this time coming from my bathroom. I looked in and there, was my little precious dog hung by its neck, dripping blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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by: Benny Dillbert

That is not true! I have heard that same story befor from my cousin around a camp fire. Its called drip drip drip and the orignal one is of a little girl who was home alone and had a dog that slepped under her bed. When she put her hand down the dog would lick it. What happened was she got scared and put her hand down for her dog to lick it and make her feel better. The dog licked it and then she went back to sleep. She woke up and heard a driping noise and thought she left the sink on. She came into the bathroom to see her dog hanging from the celling driping blood. Writtin in blood it wrote "people lick to"

Its not right to write lies on the internet "sweet little old lady" sorry to re post this had to change my rateing oops!

Nice try
by: Carmin Boss

That was sooooooooo compy writted nice try though! Benny is write.

So Sad
by: Patricia

Hello Dealia,

This is one ghostly tale that broke my heart to read the ending.


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