My haunted job at Royer Mansion

by Ayssa Lovemuffin
(Altoona Pennsylvania America)

Well it all started when I graduated from colledge and I was looking for a job to have until I found a job in the area as a teacher. I had found a job as a janiter at The Royer Mansion. I had takein the job knowing that it had been haunted and I wanted to see a ghost. I got the job. A few weeks after I had gotten the job me and a fellow worker named Paul were locking up one night and I was securing the outside. I looked up at one of the bedroom windows and saw a women staring down at me. I gasped and ran to Paul to tell him that someone was upstairs. I found him going up the stairs. After hearing what I saw he hurried up the steps to check it out, the room I saw the women in turned out to be Carrie's old room where she had passed away in. There was noone in the room. We re-checked the entire house. There was no one but the two of us there. We made sure all the doors were locked and we left to go home.

That same week when me and Paul were locking up I heard a very large bang. I came in and saw Paul on the floor laying down at the bottom of the steps. He said that he felt someone push him then what sounded like childrens laughter? We went home scared. The next day he had refused to come in the house and quite. At first I didn't believe him but seeing how serious he was I had believed him.

About a month after that I was upstairs after hours dusting Carries old room. I heard humming and I looked up. I saw a women dressed like she had been in about the 1960's. She mouthed what had had seemed to be "Thank you.". She smiled at me. After that she disapeared into thin air. After that night I had felt much safer and happy in the home knowing that Carrie was grateful for what I was doing in the home.

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Haunted Royer Mansion
by: Patricia

Hi Ayssa,

Thank you so much for your ghostly tale of working at Royer Mansion. There is not doubt of the many hauntings at the old mansion. I have heard so many testimonies, especially when you go into town and talk to some of the people that grew up in the area.

Carrie loved that mansion and many have seen her spirit there. There is so much wonderful history of the mansion and the area. I've also heard about the children that have been heard giggling there sometimes.


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