My Granddaughters Friend

by Angela
(New Philadelphia, PA)

It was my Granddaughters first birthday. I was taking pictures as she was opening her gifts(or at least trying to). She suddenly stopped as if someone called her name and looked up at the picture I have of my mother hanging on the wall. She stared at that picture for the longest time. We all tried to get her attention, but she wasn't budging from her interest of that picture. She began to smile and laugh as if someone were talking to her or tickling her. She was all ready saying mommy and daddy, but never mom mom or pappy. Then out of the blue she pointed at the picture and gave the happiest yell, Nana. My kids always called my mother Nana.

My mother died back in 2000 of cancer, and her and I were never really that close. But we did have something that we shared and never really told anyone about it, it was "our secret". We could always feel when there was a "ghost" around. Can't explain it or never tried to contact them, we just knew it. I just felt like crying, that my granddaughter saw my mother and knew who she was. I felt in my heart that my mother was there watching her first born great granddaughter turn a year old.

I have always felt something was in this house, something that wasn't of the living, but until that day I wasn't able to say what. I think I am now.

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by: Carl

That was very nice i would have cried too. And me and my cuz have that same thing with the knowing- there- is- something- ghost-like- around.

Grandma's Visit
by: Patricia

Hello Angela,

What an amazing story! Oh yeah, children, especially children younger than 4 are so open to what they see and hear, they just seem to accept it.

Isn't it wonderful how much your granddaughter was just smiling and couldn't take her eyes off your mother's picture? For her to say, Nana, now that would have stopped my heart. I hope you were able to get her picture while seeing her great grandmother. What a memorable Kodak moment!

Thank you so much for sharing this heart warming experience with us.


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