Mayfest of Huntingdon

by Linda DeArmitt
(Huntingdon PA)

Where can you see a pirate, a hippie, do the limbo and hear blue grass music? Our historic downtown area has themed blocks. Colonial Times, Back to the 50's, Victorican Era, Woodstock and Renaissance Faire. Costumed and period-correct reenactors, music and food ventors help make this a unique event. Mayfest of Huntingdon ia a unique one day festival. Check out See you there!

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Mar 12, 2015
by: page

I have heard about May fest somewhere, but don’t know from where or how. It is said to be the best happening event one could be at, as there would be a great mix of culture and arts, which I personally loves to experience.

Sep 20, 2012
2012 Mayfest of Huntingdon
by: Patricia

Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for sharing all the beautiful pictures and letting us know about the Mayfest of Huntingdon annual event. I hope it was a big success in 2012.


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