Living with a Spirit

by Sue
(Altoona, Pa)

I live Altoona and have lived in my home for 30 plus years and have unusual experiences.
We built the house that's why I can't figure out who or what resides here.

It started almost as soon as we moved in. I could hear talking and distinct laughter like a roomful of people coming from the floor heating register. I didn't tell anyone, I didn't want to scare the children, mostly I thought I was mistaken.
Until the day my oldest daughter said she needed to talk to me, she was afraid to tell me sooner because she thought I wouldn't believe her. She could hear laughter and people talking coming up from the register in their bathroom. I was stunned! We talked about all the odd and scary things that were occurring at our house.

There have been many occurrences over the years, so many loud banging and falling object noises, but when going to see what happened nothing is out of place. Footsteps up and down the hall and cellar stairs. One picture fell off the wall so many times I had to take it down.

Some of my daughters friends have been so frightened over the years they still talk about it.

After banking off the wood furnace one night I glanced back and on the wall directly across from the furnace was a row of flames. I was so surprised to see a perfect row of flames in color on the wall I stood rooted for a few minutes. I went back over to the furnace, opened the door, no flames, I walked around the furnace saw nothing. I checked and rechecked everything..nothing.

I proceeded to come up the stairs which leads into the family room I heard a big whoosh and crackling sounds coming from our fireplace in the family room. Glowing pieces of something were floating past the windows. I stepped outside looked up at the chimney it was engulfed in flames.

Had it not been for the flames I saw on the wall that caused me to take the extra time before going to bed I never would have heard sounds from the fireplace or seen the embers puring out from the burning chimney.

Whatever or whoever dwells in my home saved us that night. I've stopped being afraid of what's here but I still get a shiver when I'm in the basement or hear the noises coming from there.

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by: Danielle

I really enjoyed your story. I actually will be posting a story here of something similar later this evening. The land that your house is on...has there ever been a grave moved from there or another building built there before, but take down? That could also be the case..the cool thing about it is is that if it warned you of the fire it is most likely an intelligent spirit! If you would be interested I could come do an investigation with a small team and try to get you some answers. If your interested email me

Altoona Ghostly Home
by: Patricia

Hi Sue,

I really enjoyed reading your submission about your experiences in your Altoona home. Sometimes spirits follow us, usually for a good reason. Like with you, no doubt, your spirit actually saved your family's lives. I know it's a bit creepy thinking we have spirits living in our homes but I think we all do, some are just more receptive than others. And some spirits make themselves more known than others.

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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