Lincoln Motor Court, Fall of 2008

by Mike Austing
(Dennison, OH USA)

Main Entrance, Lincoln Motor Court

Main Entrance, Lincoln Motor Court

My wife and I spent 2 nights at this lovely 1930's style motor court. Lincoln Motor Court is located on US 30 (Lincoln Highway) between Schellsburg and Bedford on the south side of the highway. Each year I take her on a little jaunt to celebrate our anniversary. In 2008, we were celebrating our 36th. She's very special to me and is actually my "mail order bride". She was one of approx. 600 people who wrote to me from the Washington, PA area while I was stationed in Vietnam from 1970 to 1971. I wrote 4 or 5 girls steady; then chased her until she caught me when I returned from overseas.

The Altizer family who own and operate the court are extremely friendly; the cottages are very comfortable; and there a number of places to eat to include the Jean Bonnet Tavern & Inn to the east 2 miles.

I'd heartily recommend staying there; it brings back many memories of when I was a child in the 1950's and traveled with my grandparents and parents, staying in cabins/cottages such as here!

Mike & Diane Austing
Dennison, OH

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by: gd

this was sad about the ship hotel i was their when it burnt down pa could have saved it if they would have protected it before the bums living their burnt it down

Lincoln Motor Court & Romance
by: Patricia

Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for sharing your photo and your wonderful experience staying at the Lincoln Motor Court.

I love the history of that area and even though I have stood right across the road at the Old Lincoln House property I never thought to go over and say hello and find out the history there. I appreciate you drawing it to my attention. The next time I'm in the area I will, without a doubt, check it out.

You sure were a popular guy while in the service. I enjoyed reading the memories of your "mail order bride" :). I can tell from your writing that the romance still goes on.

I'm so glad you joined in this small community, I can tell you love PA as much as we do.


I agree
by: Mick

Although I never stayed there, I have to agree that The Altizer's are extremely friendly and hospitable. I spent some time on the phone and in their living room talking about their establishment and the local surroundings. I do plan on visiting the area again and staying at the Lincoln Motor Court.

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