Lancaster County Amish ghost

(New Providence, PA)

One summer night when I was about 10 yrs old, me and two of my buddies were riding our bikes when we suddenly realized it was almost dark and we were supposed to have been home by then. We decided that instead of riding the road back, we would walk our bikes across a field because it would be quicker. There was only one old Amish house within sight and no one else was least that's what we thought.

We were well out into the middle of this field and coming up to a fence when we heard this loud, slow, redundant whistling. It wasn't the kind of whistling people do for fun or to call a dog but more like a creepy high/low sound over and over again. By this time it was all but dark. We all instinctively looked towards where the whistling was coming from.

We could see what looked like an Amish man all in black walking towards us. He was really far away but it looked like he was walking while swinging a lit lantern. Now, we knew none of the Amish carried the old-fashioned lanterns anymore but we weren't too concerned at first, that is, until the next time I looked back and he was closer...a LOT closer!

If this guy ran full out like a track sprinter he could not have made that much ground in the amount of time between us looking back at him from the first time we saw him. Then there are the questions if he could indeed run faster than an olympian, how did he do it while whistling the whole time and carrying a lit lantern? If he wanted us, why didn't he just say "Hey stop." or something like that. Why would he have been going across the same field in the same direction at dusk? We were not on a path or field access road, but walking across a pasture and there were no livestock in sight. There were no other buildings other than the Amish house some distance away, which is the direction he came from.

As if that didn't creep us out enough, he was still walking at the same meandering pace and whistling the same high/low tones. We could see he had a white beard and was obviously following us!

Needless to say, we took off as fast as we could. We didn't stop or look back again until we got to my house where, to our relief, we could no longer hear the whistling or see "it". We never spoke about it to each other but I think we all knew it had to be a ghost.

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Amish Ghost
by: Patricia

Thank you so much for sharing your story about the Amish ghost you experienced in the field. Things like this happen to us in our lifetime yet trying to figure out an explanation is sometimes impossible. No doubt, these are the things that we never forget but find it tough to share.


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