Lancaster area haunting

by Tammie

When my children were young, I lived with my first husband in the Lancaster area. We moved into the home he grew up in. His father rented to us.

My husband grew up with bouts of depression & alcoholism. He also would talk about the demons that haunted him in his dreams. He would have recurring dreams about a dark man without a face. His sister & his father also had problems with depression & alcohol addictions. His mother died a few years before we moved in of cancer, but also battled with depression.

I never really tied it all into the house until we moved in. The very day we moved in I felt a heavy feeling over me.

There were a lot of weird things that happened. I tried to tie strange occurences to our children playing games, but they were very young (not yet 2 & a newborn.) Some things were just minor annoyances but would cause arguments between my husband & me. I would set down my keys up high away from the children, & then just moments later wouldn't be able to find them. I was always "misplacing" things & thought I was losing my mind. We were constantly arguing over these types of things.

I would wake up in the middle of the night to knocking on the walls & footsteps coming down the hall toward the bedroom. I always slept with the hall light on. I would see shadows like someone walking by my room. I would get up to check on the kids, but my 2 year old was always sleeping & the baby was in a crib. The knocking was really creepy. I had problems with nightmares, too.

I also found myself spiraling into depression.

I also felt like his mom was with us in the house. The morning after I came home from the hospital with my second son, the front doorbell started ringing at 6 am. It hadn't been hooked up & we couldn't even figure out how to get it to stop. The doorbell went off for at least 15 minutes before my husband could get it to stop. He ripped everything out of the wall but the cables were not connected anyway - really weird. We just assumed she was welcoming the baby.

We eventually separated & divorced. I moved out of the area. I'll never forget those experiences.

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Hauntings in Langcaster
by: Patricia

Hi Tammie,

Thank you for sharing your ghostly tale about the house in Langcaster, PA.

I recently talked to a paranormal investigator about these kinds of haunted happenings you experienced. He told me about how some evil spirits will attach themselves to a person, house or even follow a person home. There are so many things that can't be explained in this kind of haunting, it's extremely hard for us to comprehend why anything would want to be so evil.

I'm glad to hear that you're no longer in that house, I'm sorry to hear that your marriage didn't work out after living there. I hope your husband moved out of there too and is doing better.


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