Lady in the Black Dress

by 12 year old writer
(Bedford, PA)

Before my aunt moved out of Bedford to Helixville when her kids still lived with her she lived in a white house close to the Bedford library. My cousin,her son was staying at home one day by himself. Well my aunt came home and saw an old woman in a black dress walking through the front door. She went in the house and asked my cousin why he would let a stranger in the house. He replied the door was locked along with the windows and nobody could have possibly got into the house without him hearing or seeing her. Another time the old lady was spotted sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch.

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Ghostly Lady
by: Patricia

I'd sure be tempted, if I was you, to take my Pit team over and get some digital pictures around that house your aunt lived in.

Thanks for sharing the ghostly tale with us,


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