Jenny Wade House

by Emilee

My family and I went to Gettysburg over the summer and my dad and I wanted to go on a ghost tour so we went to the Jenny Wade house and the Soldier's Museum.

At the Jenny Wade house I was upstairs in the first bedroom taking a picture of the hole in the wall when I felt as though a little child tuched my back to get my attention. I turned around and nobody was there and I wasn't close to anything. I knew something had touched me but of course my dad didn't believe me.

Later that day we went to the Soldier's Museum and that is when I heard the tour guide say that the orphans used to go over there and visit Jenny and I knew that I really was touched by a ghost for the first time! Also, at the museum I knew there was something there. Everybody else there knew that something was there for sure and it was really exciting!

I would defanitly recommend going to Gettysburg PA for a fun time because I'm a thirteen year old girl that doesn't like to do family things and I even had fun! And I was even excited that we got to stay in the last room on the top floor right next to the Jenny Wade house! Gettysburg is an old town but it is really fun and I would love to go there again soon!

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Jenny Wade
by: Graceanne

The Jenny Wade House tour is really bogus. The guide spends the whole time describing every sort of 'encounter' one could have and then the self-fulfilling prophecies take over.
The 'real' ghosts in Gettysburg- if there are any- are more than likely on a battlefield.

by: 15 year old writer

I have been on the tour twice, and although yes there were orphans to go over to the jenny wade house there was also a small boy who lived in the house named will who is said to touch tourists and is said to be seen sitting on the bed, or rattle chains along the wall.

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