Jasper My Ghostly Twin

(Bedford County)

I myself have coined the phrase she's like the Titanic before I knew other folks have said it, mainly because in the mid 1990's about 1996 she was a different place. Not so much a New Ship of the White star Line as she was more like that ill fated ship is. Now empty creepy falling apart and full of History that may never see the light of Day.

She was being stripped and sold off room by room an Auction cheap as little as 15 bucks you bought the room you could take everything with you and people did even something were just left laying around in the hallways like Paintings. The one and only Elevator did not work in fact they said if you could remove it you could have it. Never the less, up and down between floors via the steps, I was with my folks, I was in my teens and just there for clean up now it was a matter of picking up everything.

I was on the second floor moving a few things down when the purple glow came down the hall slowly it became more of a human form with a purple glow period cloths of about 1800's I'd say a tall Handsom Fellow wearing something like a Tux his face looks just like me oval face, goatee, dark hair, dark eyes, it was like looking in a mirror and at the same time he smiled and kept on walking down the endless Hall way into nothing. I took my leave quickly, I called him Jasper.

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Jasper & History
by: Patricia

Thank you so much for sharing your ghostly tale "Jasper My Ghostly Twin" with us, I really enjoyed reading it. It made me wonder about the history of that ship and all the historical spirits that occupied the spaces. I wonder where they go once things like this are torn down and so many people take it home piece by piece. I really enjoyed the part when you said you saw the spirit smiling, he must have been really happy in that space at that time. I wonder if you ever mentioned it to your parents and what parts of the ship you carried home.


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