I've Lost My Head

by 12 year old writer
(Bedford PA Old Bedford Village Ghost Tours)

Me again 12 year old writer with another story. I heard this one on a ghost tour in Bedford. One night the train was stopped because the railcar had been unlatched, so the conducter went to check on it while he was attempting to re-attach the railcar by himself he noticed something was broken under the train and looked under to try to fix that. As he was nuzzled under the train, it started to move, the brake had broken and when he tried to get out all he could manage to get out was his body and his head was cut from his shoulders. People say to this day the train conducter is still walking around looking for the missing car, and his severed head.

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by: Anonymous

I don't think that I really believe this story only because you cannot live without your head. I personally think this story is not true whatsoever, but that is just my opinion. By the way I am also only 13 years old so we are about the same age!

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