Investigative group needs some help - Pittsburgh

by Mick Retort
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Hi. I read Patty's website regularly and on occasion, post to it. The reason I am posting now is to ask for some help for our paranormal investigative group.

The group was founded by Sean Leddy, James Mayer and myself - Mick Retort, in 2007 and called 'Watchful Eye Paranormal Study' or simply, WEPS. Last fall the group reorganized to include referral and resource services to it's many growing functions. We changed the name at that time to better represent what we are all about. The name of the newly formed group is 'The Organization for Paranormal Investigation and Support' or 'OPIS.US'.

The primary function of OPIS.US is to investigate paranormal phenomena in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Our services also include support and resources for those who may need help with a paranormal situation.

Unfortunately the field of paranormal investigation has grown widely with all the popular television and internet shows that have been popping up. Seemingly overnight, groups are being created by people with an interest in 'finding ghost'. There is nothing wrong with this except that many groups have no experience or expertise. You can have tons of high tech equipment but if you don't know what you are getting with it, what is the sense? My advice to you is to join up with an experienced and established group - any group - and learn.

In the past year or so also, many facilities have started charging or increasing fee's to facilitate groups of investigators. Many places pop up overnight that have never been known to be haunted. It is sad that the field of paranormal investigation has become a 'for profit' enterprise and that the sole interest of some of the owners of these facilities is to make an easy dollar. It is also unfortunate that the field has become a 'clique' or 'popularity contest' so to speak. Some groups or individuals cannot share information because they may be 'talking with the wrong people' or because they don't want to upset certain individuals.

OPIS.US does investigate some 'for fee attractions' but basically tries to avoid them. Our main interest is to investigate unknown or unpublicized locations and areas for our own satisfaction. We generally don't publish results unless we are asked to. We are in this to investigate the paranormal. Our group is comprised of well educated and skilled people who conduct themselves in a professional manner.

If you are interested in joining up with our team then please drop us an email at: Applicants must have had some training and are willing to share their knowledge. Having some of your own equipment is a necessity. Knowledge of analysis of raw data is very helpful. Willing to participate in compensated car pooling is a must.

If you know of any location in the Pittsburgh area that is public - free to visit by the general public - and may have unexplained occurrences going on, please let us know. If you are in the Pittsburgh area and are experiencing strange occurrences and would like help, please call us at : 412-886-3335 or email: All services are free of charge and confidential. We will not tell you your place is haunted and we do not 'get rid' of spirits but, we do have the resources to say there is activity going on and, we can direct you to the appropriate people for what ever the situation calls for.

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Paranormal Investigators
by: Patricia

Hi Mick,

It's really good to hear from you again. I totally agree with you about paranormal investigation teams cropping up everywhere. I have no doubt many of them could really benefit by joining the more experienced teams before starting out on their own. Besides benefitting from the more experienced teams they could also benefit from learning how to go about contacting and locating haunted sites to explore. I'm sure many sites that are well known to be haunted are getting worn out with teams wanting to run their own investigations. There is just so much traffic an owner can tolorate.

I fixed your phone number on your original post Mick, just in case interrested parties don't take the time to read the replys.

Wishing you and your team much success in 2011 I know you all deserve it. I'm sure you've learned a lot through experience and that always pays off,


by: Mick Retort

I'm sorry but I inadvertantly put an incorrect phone number in the article. The correct phone number is: 412-886-3335. Email is correct at:

I am sorry for the error.

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