Horseshore Curve

The Horseshoe Curve is haunted by a girl who was killed when she was in a car accident in the tunnel as she was driving through. A car hit her head on.

They say if you go in there and you shut your car off and take the keys out of ignition then beep the horn three times that she will come.

Next they also say that if you leave your window open even a little crack that she will come in and kill you.

I was so scared to even think about trying to go in there until one night I did. Me and a gang of my friends had my 16 year old friend drive us there so that we could see for ourselves instead of hearing lame stories that you sometimes can't believe, anyway.......we went in there and did as the legend had said to do. Just as it was getting boring the car started to shake and I was getting scared then it started to rain and we were inside of a tunnel, weird. I was getting scared, then we left and i was sure glad we did. But then we noticed that there were hand marks all over the car and they looked like someone was trying to get in!!!!!!!! Trust meeeee true story

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by: Anonymous

Horseshow Curve in what Mountain and on What road/route in PA?

Horseshoe Curve Ghostly Tale
by: Patricia

I have heard many ghostly tales about that tunnel at the Horseshoe Curve. I have to admit this is the first time I've heard of it raining inside or hand prints on a car.

I've heard that if you sit inside the tunnel at night you can hear voices and every once in awhile you'll see a young girl sitting just outside the tunnel on the side of the road, sitting on the guardrail.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us,


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