Haunted Little Apartment in Lancaster, PA

by Ed
(Lancaster, PA)

OK, so I moved into this apartment about two years ago. First year was great, never felt any weird feelings in the apartment except for when I was alone. I use to get a feeling of being watched but this started after the first year and my girlfriend use to feel it too.

I live with my girlfriend and our two little boys. Me and my girlfriend are very interested in haunting shows and got into this routine of watching them, this is where things started happening. We started hearing things at night particularly at 3 am. We learned a lot about hauntings from watching the shows but I couldn't help but think this couldn't be really happening to us!! Well it is.

One of the first things I can remember that made me really believe we were being haunted was at around 3am my son was acting weird almost as if to be seeing something or playing with someone but I just ignored it, for the first and only time SO FAR!!! I heard someone say something in my EAR!! I couldnt tell what it said but it was clearly noise in my ear. It sounded like words but I dont know what they were, it was either three different words or one word with three syllables. That's when I finally said this place is haunted. The biggest reason we have to believe we were being haunted is my son.

From a little research I believe my son is clairvoyant, meaning he can see ghosts and things others can't. He's only three right now and I've heard rumors that baby's can see ghosts but I don't know about toddlers. Well there's been times where he would say "I see the monster",we never taught him to call it the monster, that was what he called it. One incident he said it was in his room we were all in the living room so I asked him where and he started taking me to the room. We took a couple of steps and he stopped and said "he running" and almost like he was following it with his finger into our room. He walked inside our room and pointed to the closet which I was kinda freaked out about. Too many things have happened for me to give full detail so I'm going to just tell you a couple things I've seen or heard. I've heard footsteps in my room at night, my girl said she heard a light scream from right outside our door and she was very scared. We both heard knocking on our bedroom door after 3am with no one else in the house it only happened once but man I was scaaarred. Just recently the TV has turned on by itself after we turned it off 10 minutes before. I've come home before and the TV in our room was turned on and I never even turned it on to begin with before leaving to get my girlfriend from a friends house. One time my girl was cooking and was boiling water she said she could hear the water boiling and started the dishes then turned around and the water wasn't boiling anymore the stove top heat was turned down to 2 from high. A spay bottle fell off the fridge onto the counter and landed UPRIGHT!! I think this is fairly impossible with the length of the fall and the weight of the can, I've tried to reinact this and it wasn't the same result.

I'm kind of starting to get worried about this, I believe it comes to my son at night because it gets a reaction from him. I truly believe my son can see and hear this thing. He says things at night that he wouldn't normally in the day, I've heard him say things like "GET OUT" just the other night he was saying things like "I want to go home" and "White house" and that he wanted to "fight" whatever it was he was seeing. One of the words he uses the most when I think he's seeing this thing at night is "die". We try not to stay up after 2am anymore. Is there anyway I could get help for this or some advice on what to do next?? So this is the first time I ever wrote or told anyone publicly except for a few friends , what do you think haunted?

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by: Anonymous

Freeborn247@hotmail. Email me. I think we may be able to help

Get out.
by: Jodie

I would def advise you to move immediately! I would not try to make contact with it, as that invites it into your head (and your home). I would happily pack and leave, especially after it makes an attempt to communicate with your little boy. Children can be vulnerable, because they are so young and innocent. I don't think you should try and prove it exists, you already know it does. I have had an encounter in my past, and I literally moved in one night, my 2 children, my husband and our 2 cats-up and gone because we were being terrorized by a angry, violent entity. I'm not sure if yours is angry or violent because nothing has happened....yet. I wouldn't hang out there to see if it is!

Lancaster Haunting
by: Patricia

Hi Ed,

It sure sounds to me like you're dealing with some kind of spirit. If your son is interacting with it I would believe he's seeing and talking to something. I went through this with my son when he was about the same age and it was so scary. My son is now 44 and still remembers and has said several times that he would never go back to that house again, even if we got a team of paranormal investigators together he said we can count him out.

I'm hoping some paranormal investigators will read your haunted tale and offer you some advice. I'm sure if you get the right people together they could investigate what is going on and advice you on what you can do.


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