Haunted Experiences I've Had

by Tianna,HalEY
(Pennsylvania, Belsano)

Well my best friend, Haley, and I were having a sleepover at my house and my little sister and her friend were having one too, so we decided to sleep in my giant walk in closet because its huge and they wouldn't bother us, when it was around midnight Haley and I were still up, but we were just laying down talking, then all the sudden we were silent and i was looking at my older brothers clothes hanging up and real quick i saw all of his clothes move the whole way to the other side (all windows and doors were shut. Haley and I both saw this and we got scared so we turned on a brighter light and we went to go see is my little sister and her friend were sleeping, and they were sound a sleep, so we were so freaked out we didn't sleep that night, so in the morning we unplugged my radio and went and just sat there talking about what had happened to us. Then my radio turned on somehow and was blasting, Haley and I could not figure out how the radio did that when it was off and unplugged, and you can't listen to my radio unplugged like that, so we had no idea what was going on. And the strange thing is these things only happened to Haley and I when we were together. And today these things are still happening to us, and that was only last year, and we both lived in PA all our lives, so now we are both 13.

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by: Amy

wow, what a story its very interasting, i cant spell it lol.

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