Haunted Cemetary

by Alexis
(Olyphant, PA, US)

Hi my name's Alexis , I live in Olyphant ,PA. My friend kyle had been walking in the Olyphant cemetery at night as a shortcut to come home , as he walked out of the cemetery gates he looked on someones rooms and saw and headless ghost with a long black jacket he quickly ran home to his mom (he's 17) haha. None of us believed him so he all went there and stood , we soon heard noises and kept hearing tree branches being stepped on so we ran back to the car. We made the guys go back out and look and take pictures, we were watching them and they were just staring at something for 2 mins ,and then quickly ran back to the car , they showed us a picture of "ghostly" legs hanging in the tree .. we got a call a couple hours later from out friend telling us he seen a 'HEADLESS GUY JUMPING FROM TO TREE TO TREE WITH A LONG BLACK JACKET' .. We then later told our parents and they told us that a guy was working up there one day and something went wrong with his truck and his Hydraulics cut his head off !

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Cemetery in Olyphant
by: charles1959

In response to the "fake" comment:
There is at least one cemetery in Olyphant.
St Patrick's Cemetery is in Olyphant.

by: Paul

Most cemetery has some sort of myth or past that is mostly like this, with stories of the dead been seen or is said to be still walking the earth. However, who knows they are true or not. No one, thus fear automatically start developing in what we considered unknown.

by: Marym1913

OLYPHANT: I have only seen and talked to one ghost,
If you are from Olyphant, or lived nearby, can you tell me what was the name of the
Orphanage in about 1922? My Dad was in the Orphanage and I am trying to reconstruct some
parts of his life. Thanks in advance.

by: Anonymous

I've lived in olyphant my whole life so has my family n I hate to tell u that your story is a fraud because there is no cemetery in olyphant pa so good luck and next time make sure u do your home work

Headless Ghosts
by: Patricia

Hi Alexis,

Gee, I sure wish you could have talked your friends into sharing those photos they took with us. Sometimes we tend to laugh when people tell us about their paranormal experiences but when you have the guts to actually go out and check things out for yourself and actually get the evidence it's pretty hard to be a non-believer in the paranormal.

Isn't it amazing when parents try to protect us and keep legends and ghostly tales from us these legends have their own way of cropping up and letting each generation pass on the legends?

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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