Haunted Apartment in PA

by amanda davis
(st. augustine, fl.)

My family and I moved to Lewisberry, Pa. in 1995 from Florida. We moved in with our grandmother who was living in a small apartment on grandview circle. I was eleven years old. Immediately after moving in I could 'feel' something wasn't right. There was two bedrooms and five of us. My brother and I were supposed to sleep in one room and the others in the opposite bedroom. I always felt very uncomfortable in that room. After time went on everyone would get a very strange and awkward feeling there like you were being watched. It got to the point where no one would go in that room. It eventually became a storage room. So at that time by brother(who was 9), myself and grandmother slept in one room. My mother on the couch in the living room.

I remember on numerous occassions having many vivid terrifying nightmares of people in my life who had passed and of almost demonic dreams. On one occasion my brother woke me up because I was sitting straight up in bed completely sleeping and when he yelled my name I apparently flew straight back in sleeping position. It terrified my brother and I have no reccolection of that night or my "sleep" walks I experienced.

One night my family were all in the bedroom sleeping and I was on the couch by myself. It was about midnight and I had the tv turned down so you could barely hear it, I didn't want to wake anybody up. As I was lying there I heard a voice whisper "MANDY, MANDY" which is my nickname. The voice was vivid, clear and sounded like a man's voice and woman's voice in unison. I was so scared I turned on every light in the house and woke everyone up.

There were always weird things happening like the doorbell would ring for no reason. We bought a new one and it still did the same thing.

After a while my mother told me of apparitions she had seen in the house. A man in a top hat was standing in our bedroom doorway. A woman in a long dress who she mistakenly thought was my grandmother sitting at the kitchen table. And of a boy who was holding a pillow and who dissapeared out the window. It is hard to speak for her and I myself did not witness those apparitions.

Later, we did a little research and found out that the area was an apple orcherd and a passageway to Gettysburgh. Other people in the apartment complex also witnessed various unexplainable things.

My family has a history of being 'haunted'. My great-great grandmother was a healer. My great grandmother would show me "the woman in the mirror" when I was a toddler. My grandmother used to use various techniques to communicate with the dead when she was younger. I'm not sure what the explanation is for my familys history but I do know that every house we lived in as a family had paranormal activity. Until my recent years now that i'm married and have my own house and family I have not experienced anything. So maybe it is my family that attracts something? My mother to this day still experiences activity.

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Interesting Story!
by: Susan Centineo

Thanks for sharing this story. It's creepy!

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