"Harry Halloween"

by Margaret
(Shelocta, PA)

Things around here have gotten a little more interesting, as they do come Halloween season. A couple of weeks ago I was looking online to see if I could find any haunted house listings. As soon as I found one I called my daughter in the room to check it out. Much to our surprise, all of the lights in our house went out and the computer shut off. (in case you are wondering, the weather was nice, no rain at the time, or even in the forecast) As soon as the lights came back on, I re-booted the computer, and pulled the website up again. Can you guess what happened next? The lights all went out and the computer shut down! Needless to say, we called it a night. We no longer try to pull anything related to Halloween up unless it is daytime! The fun isn't over yet!

We went to a meeting Friday night at the VFW. They are putting on a haunted hill and we have volunteered to help. Before we left,my daughters and I had been in and out of the kitchen numerous times. When we returned home and I went into the kitchen, I stepped into something sticky. After smelling the sticky stuff, I realized that it was syrup. I then looked to see where it was and much to my surprise, found what looked to be a snake-like pattern on the floor. (it looked as though someone had turned the syrup bottle upside down and just left it run out!) My husband had come home after we left but had never come into the house until moments before we arrived and more importantly-had never gone into the kitchen! YIKES!!!! Why do these incidents seem to get worse when we watch horror movies or go to haunted things? I guess that it gets Uncle Harry in a fluster. Thats all I can figure.

The bad thing is that we still have 5 weekends of haunting left and I am afraid to find out what he has in store for us next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Good Ol' Uncle Harry
by: Patricia

Hi Margaret,

I'm beginning to think that Uncle Harry is somehow attached to you and not your parents home. I would have loved to see what you were trying to show your daughter on the computer.

Hmmm...that syrup spill is really mysterious. Let us know if Uncle Harry pulls anymore pranks this Halloween season.


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