by elizabeth
(PA )


I was at my friends house yesterday. We were playing hide-and-go seek, her dog had died 3 weeks ago of breast cancer. And I saw a dog and then it disappeared when I called for it. It disappeared into thin air. Then I told my friend and she said to discribe it and I did and what I discribed was here old dog that died. Have any advise?

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A Dogs Spirit
by: Patricia

Hello Elizabeth,

I don't want to creep you out but I'm sure what you saw was the spirit of your friends dog.

I have been having something simular happening here. We had a dog that my family and cats were very close to, she was like one of the family. She died about 18 months ago from the food poisoning that happened to so many people across the United States. Because of the poison she had a strange oder that drove me up a wall, I was forever bathing her and spraying doggie deodorant on her but nothing seemed to help.

Every once in awhile my cats will start acting up and stairing and rubbing on something on the floor but we can't see anything there. But every time that happens I suddenly smell that strange oder that was on our dog, Journey. Sometimes the smell is so strong that I know she is next to me. Then it suddenly just goes away until the cats see her again.

Strange but True!

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