Ghost's of Culp's Hill, Gettysburg PA

by Danielle Placek
(Natrona Heights, PA)

On July 30, 2009 a good friend of mine suggested we go ghost hunting in Gettysburg, PA. I had wanted to make this trip for over a year. We both decided we wanted to hunt the cemetery not knowing that it was not permitted. While hunting an officer warned us to stay out of the cemetery as well the battlefield. I then asked her if it was okay to go on the high school grounds. Earlier that day a shop keeper had let me listen to some EVP's he caught while on the grounds. So we ventured that way and saw others ghost hunting. Not wanting them to interfer with my recordings we started to walk in the opposite direction. Not realizing the high school grounds connected to the battlefield we continued walking about 3 miles. We then came upon a sign that said Culp's Hill. My friend and I started arguing about the road that ran through the battlefield. He was saying it was not part of the battlefield therefore we could not get in trouble and I was disagreeing. On my digital recorder right over our voices we caught an EVP saying "Dar part red part white". The voice is louder than ours and clear as can be. I was holding the recorder in the palm of my hand the entire time. For it to of been an actual person they would have been within eye site. It is so creepy it sounds like someone making a statement to another whom was not there. After catching this EVP I bought a new set of headphones to listen more closly. I swear it sounds like there is a bunch of whispering but you can not make a word of it out. At or around about the same time I caught a very interesting photo. It looked like a bunch of smoke from a fire. At first I thought it was one of my friends cigarettes, but after reviewing all of the film I realized it could not have been. I have a picture of a cigarette burning in his hand right in front of the camera and another with one mid air to the ground. I looked up paranormal photos and came up with an exact match, a vortex. Now I am not one whom believes in photos of orbs and flashes of light as paranormal. The photo being caught within minutes of the recording is what has me sold.

If you ever have the chance to visit Gettysburg, PA. I recommend it, especially you ghost hunters. Even if you do not ghost hunt it is a beautiful place to visit. The history alone there is very interesting. They have several tours for all interests and ages.

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Any Tips?
by: Anonymous

im going to gettysburg soon. i got an evp and motion activated night vision hd recorder and i wan t to get an evp or something seen any ghost hunting tips?

Haunted Gettyburg, PA
by: Patricia

Hello Danielle,

I've heard so many strange paranormal stories about Gettysburg, PA. This is the first one I've heard about Culp's Hill.

I wish I could offer sound recording on my website but so far I haven't figured that one out yet, I'd just love to hear those EVP's. I'd also love to see that photo you caught of the vortex.

You're right, Gettysburg is such a beautiful area of Pennsylvania, even if you're not into the paranormal. I visited there many years ago and didn't have a clue how haunted it was. I was so fascinated by the wax museum and the battlefield. I really have to go back again with a new agenda and take my recorder, digital camera and my video camera.

I know that Patty Wilson and her group of paranormal investigators visit there often and come home with all kinds of ghostly tales, EVP's and photos.

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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