Ghostly Toilets Flushing

by andrea
(olyphant, pa)

I used to live in a house in dunmore where someone had died. well anyways it was a double and no one lived next door. At night the toilet next door would flush and you can hear footsteps going upstairs. I took my dog next door thinking someone broke in and I went to the bottom of the steps and my siberian husky would grow but not go up and he was a guard dog.

Other things that would happen on my side, my cat would walk down the hall to my room and suddenly turn around and hiss. I've seen a man in an army jacket sitting in a chair in my other bedroom, freaked me out, he was see through but u can tell what it was. Another time I was home alone on my water bed trying to sleep and it felt like I couldn't move as if the blanket was concrete. I never felt threatened only because I think it was my husbands dead uncle.

Well anyways, I don't live there anymore and it hasn't follewed me like most do, although I always feel a presence when I'm driving but it could be my grandmothers watching out for me. But I definately believe in ghosts and spirits all my life.

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by: Olivia

Wow, what a title. It made me crack up X]. Good story though. :]

Animals & Ghosts
by: Patricia

Hi Andrea,

I'd go with my gut instinct and trust in my animals senses. They are able to see and feel things we tend to wonder about. I think it's a good thing that you don't live there any longer.

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale with us,


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