Ghost Walks/Haunts-WASTE OF TIME

by Jay Donald Newman
(Q-town Bucks County, Pa)

I'm 69 now & Happily retired, born & raised in Pa & take pictures of our state markers & all the Welcome Too town signs I've been in, well over 600 in 11yrs.
I have been to quite a few (SO CALLED HAUNTED PLACES & NOTHIING)
I am not a believer in the supernatural at all, I believe in
Missouri Motto-SHOW ME.
In New Hope, across the 202 bridge turn right at the end & proceed to the Van Sant Covered Bridge. This is also suppose 2B
haunted, by a woman who throw her baby into the creek, then hung herself. Since the date & time are unknown, I arrived close to midnight, shown my high beams into the covered bridge had my camera waited & nothing happened, only a neat bridge too see.
At the crossroads Route 611 & Governor Rd next to the air base in Horsham is the Keith House a Pa Marker is there, he was an early governor of Pa in the 1700's. His daughter was engaged to
a soldier & she would walk the pond/lake every night & still is today. I was there visited the home & the grounds & experienced
nothing, neat home & grounds, that's it.
In lower Bucks County, Bristol/Tully town are 2 lakes & in the 1920's/ 30's a couple was either going home or to a prom, he lost control of his car & ended up in the lake, he was found, but she was not, story goes, she walks the road looking for a ride. Myself, my son & his wife were there on a really foggy night, saw & heard nothing, saw a cop, stopped him & asked about the incident he told up he's been patrolling there for 10yrs & he too knows nothing or saw anything.
Adi-Kent Thomas is a ghost writer & all her stories are prefabricated, the places do exist, but no ghosts.
The biggest waist of money & time is the Gettysburg ghost walk.
Some of war was fought there, yes, but no ghosts at all.

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Thank you for sharing your experiences and perspectives!
by: Matthew

I don't entirely disagree, but I don't entirely agree, either. I think a majority of cases of paranormal incidents have natural explanations (I would put the number at 90%, but that's admittedly a total guess on my part), many "UFOs" are weather balloons, many "ghosts" are our minds filling in the blanks when there's a lot of information we don't have from our senses, they say the origin of the Yeti myth in the Himalayas is sightings of a very large subspecies of black bear called the Himalayan Blue Bear, etc.

With that in mind, I've always felt that ghost hunts are more about the fun and community than actually finding a ghost. At least for me, personally. I've gone on different ghost hunts before, in most cases I've found no ghosts. However, on a few occasions, I've had experiences that I can't just chalk up to natural events. I try to look for natural and simple explanations of things before I decide "this might be something supernatural". It's still fun to hear others' ghost stories and it's always fun to get ideas for places to visit. Even if nothing's there, at the very least I got to spend the day at a historic location.

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