Ghost Voice

by Jayne
(pa usa)

Here is a story about a voice from the other side. It wasn't an evp, I heard it with my naked ear. I don't know what that categorizes it as. We, my husband , my son and his wife, my other foster son, and myself lived in a farmhouse in Center, PA, nice, big and old. We often wondered about the past in that farmhouse.

We moved in in Oct 2001 and tried to get used to the place. After being instructed to always keep the cellar door locked (with a deadbolt, in the kitchen) we wondered why. I would lock this at least 3 times a day. It would be unlocked the next time I would look. Our kitchen was off the pantry on one side and the living room and a large spare room on the other side. In the spare room was a closet that had covered up a old fireplace and a blocked off door to the steps going upstairs. In this closet was a Bible, on the shelf left by previous renters. In the pantry was the bathroom and the entrance to the upstairs. I spent a lot of my time in the living room oblivious to what was happening. But my husband and my sons and our 2 yr old cat knew something else was there. Our cats food and litter was in the spare room closet. She wouldn't go into that room unless someone went with her. So my husband would put a mattress on the floor and sleep there. During the night, when the Bible was off the shelf, the cellar door would bang and bang and a young girl would come out and go straight into the spare room followed by a old bearded man. They would run into the closet to the blocked off door and then up the steps to the second floor where my son could hear them coming. They would eventually end up in his room, which was right above the spare room, and disappear through the wall. If we would leave the Bible on the shelf nothing would happen.

Thinking someone knows something we questioned the landlord only to be shrugged off. This lasted the whole 8 months we lived there till we couldn't take it any more and we decided to move. My only experience with the ghost in our house, was when I was the only one home it was the last day we were there, and I was asked by a very deep, gruff, evil sounding voice. "WHERE YOU GOING?" Knowing I was home alone I didn't stick around. It frightened me.

Thanks Jayne

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by: Jason jay

I have heard my gardien angle warn me many times like a big white pick up truck running a red light at 11:30 p.m. no other cars and I had a green light on my street the voice said it 3 times which slowed me down from 50mph to about 30 avoiding a timed collision, (would have been) I thanked the lord, But what you wrote is amazing ,,, i don't know, WOW I thought after death people go to heaven or hell, but I have heard disembodied spirits also, they are different then angles, mostly in tone and if you can feel intent the intent in the air is gentle with the angles and more negative or unfriendly with disembodied energy, it is hard to explain it takes practice and self reflecting at the moment after ward to ask yourself what you just sensed.
I am a Christian but also understand that there is a lot not explained out there, I did give Jesus and God permission for angles to warn me when needed, and since then ,, I've heard many times a voice, God will never force anything on you but just like excepting Jesus in your heart it also works with giving permission to hear angles, and trust me , after that I did, but also here other spirits that I don't think are angles, but the angles warn me of possible danger once in awhile, Proof its not from my own mind, a car I did not see yet, but got warned 3 times then their it was, but me farther way from it to not be harmed, thats your proof, for whom ever is asking, anyway Jesus IS the only son of god, i am not perfect neither is any one else but I am saved, I know that. Ask just like if he were sitting beside you, and you will have,,, God bless you all, P.S. i know all this might sound freaky, but take comfort, for he is there for you and your maker and provider, ask thats all. Some one needed to here that,,, but you must ask him in to you heart, Jesus, God bless. their is more out there but that is the first step, you dont need any other person around, he is already there. Take care.

by: Bubba

This story is very intense. I would have been having panic attacks from the time I was told to keep the door locked til the time I left. I have had 2 voice experiences thru out my life, one of my moms voice calling me shortly after she died in 1974.The other was my dad's voice , calling me with a very coarse ,angry tone waking me from a sound sleep and still hearing it after I assume I was fully awake.This happened a few time about 5 years ago.Nothing since tho ,thankfully.
I hope these folks have since moved on from this , mentally and are finding peace and happiness wherever they went .

Ghostly Voice
by: Patricia

Wow Jayne,

Phew, I don't know how you and your family stayed in that house as long as you did. I would have been out of there the first time I heard the door banging and seeing the girl and old man. I wonder what kind of history is behind those two and what that landlord knew. If he warned you to keep the door locked, he knew something.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us,


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