Gettysburgh PA GHOST Gathering

by Beth

My cousin and I took a picture outside of Gettysburg PA on Emmittsburgh road. We saw nothing when we took the photo, but when we developed the photo there are over 20 orbs in the photo. They are near a lone state on the side of the road. We had stopped to check our directions and decided to take a picture. We were shocked by what we saw in the picture especially since we took two photos less than a minute apart and the second picture has no images in the photo. The area felt extremely cold and we both felt depression but didn't tell the other until we were back at our hotel. The area we later found out by accident was an extremely bloody battle area where both sides fought less than 20 feet apart and at one point fought hand to hand.

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Gettysburg Ghostly Orbs
by: Patricia

Hi Beth,

Thank you for telling you about your experience along a Gettysburg Road. I can see why it would creep you out. I appreciate you sending me the photo, I'll try to submit it for you.


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