Gettysburg Battlefield Ghosts

by Flo G.
(Southampton, NJ)

Several years ago a few friends and I went to Gettysburg for the weekend. We went to Spanglers Spring to do some exploring and ghost hunting.

When we arrived, two of us heard 3 loud screams coming from the top of the hill, no one else heard them. Several minutes later, a blue glowing woman came jogging down the hill. She was opaque and moved in a slow and choppy manor,we watched her as we could see through her. Only two of us saw her, our other friends did not. Later that visit, we were standing by the spring itself and my friend and I heard footsteps behind us and the sound of twigs cracking behind us. When we turned to see who was behind us, there was no one there. We smiled at each other,when we took pictures, there were several orbs that appeared in them and a white mist was in front of us.

When we did an evp session, we asked if there was anyone with us, we got a response that said yes. This was a great experience that we had. Been to Gettysburg several times and plan on going again.

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Great Share about Gettysburg!
by: Anonymous

Thank you for sharing your experiences at Gettysburg. When I read it, I thought, "Of course." One would be surprised if there were NOT ghosts in that location where thousands of souls went out from their bodily forms in that violent field of death.

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