Gator in Shawnee Lake?

by 14 year old writer
(Shawnee State Park, Bedford County)

Recently there has been alot of talk about some kids letting an alligator lose is Lake Shawnee because it got too big, there have been police and park rangers called to scenes of sightings, and supposed "gator tracks" that lead into the lake that look like something was sliding across the ground. There recently was an article in the Bedford Gazette where a man claimed that he and his friends who were totally sober, saw the gator, although many people think the gator sightings are a hoax for publicity, and a writer for the gazzette says the tale comes up every so many years. With sightings and official police reports saying people saw the gator in and around the lake, is it like the Raystown Ray situation or true sighting of the Bedford area's newest publicity "Shawnee Shawn."

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Shawnee Lake
by: Patricia

Good question fourteen year old writer,

I'd hate to think of a gator lurking about at Shawnee Lake, it's such a beautiful part of PA with so much history. But then again, hearing about Raystown Ray has been pretty shocking too.

ThankS for letting us know about the rumors at Shawnee,


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