Friendsville, Pa. Ghost Sightings.

by foreverx3dreamer
(Friendsville, PA)

Hey, I've lived in Friendsville, Pennsylvania for my entire life. I'm eighteen years old now. My entire family has Native American in their blood, Blackfoot and Onondaga seem to be the most of what we've got. Anywho, along with the native blood, we are very aware of the spirit realm.

When I was very little my mother used to take the back road to my grandparents house where we live now. Binghamton Road is the name of it, it's over by the Friedsville Inn, Willy's Inn as it's known as now. I used to crawl under the seats and scream my head off. Well recently I had a dream of the past. I had the dream because my mother started walking on the road. She claims to have seen a catamount, which is an old word for mountain lion and cougar, and an old horse drawn buggy. She didn't go too in depth but I know she saw a lady with a blue dress on one of the corners screaming for her that it wasn't safe there. We believe it wasn't safe because there's a story of that particular place. Which I'm sure you've figured out by now. The buggy crashed, people were either dead or close to it and the cougar was starving so I bet you can guess what happened.

So anyways, we had a ghost cleansing around our land. But I believe that when I was little I used to be able to see the cougar. I don't think it was very scary, I think it was just lonely. But I think that it would try to come in the car and such to get closer so that would be why I was scared.

Then a while ago my cousins and I were walking in out backyard, which is just a bunch of woods that eventually clear out to Stanley lake road, and we stopped and both closed our eyes at the same time. What we saw would never have readied us for anything. She saw her and me in Native American form in our village. I saw that in that very spot there was a gurling battle between two tribes. Most of whom, all died. This is my backyard mind you.

My mother also says that she sees a black figure in the woods behind our house all the time. I'm not sure what it is but I've had enough experience to know it's definitively a shadow something. I say something because you can't tell if it's a person or animal. We only ever see it if we're fighting with each other. So that means it's called by distress and things such as that. Which means its not friendly at all.

Also, in the garage where we have our apartment, there is something constantly watching you. My grandfather parks his plow truck and truck in there and when you walk around trying to find something you can see movement out of your eyes. I don't think they're there to hurt us but it gets you on your last nerve because it's swift movement but then you end up questioning yourself.

And my last story. My cousins and I used an Ouija Board after my friend died almost a year ago. The third or fourth time we used it, we all went home. And yes, it did work. We live in separate houses, all of us only children. Every night for a week and a half we all woke up at exactly 3:00 a.m. But that's not the thing. The thing is, we woke up to voices either saying "Read Psalms from your Bible or Get out now." either way we've pretty much decided to just keep a pocket Bible with us at all times. We only ever read Psalms.

Please, if anyone knows of any hauntings near me, including Vestal, New York and Montrose, PA please email me.

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by: Fran

My husband and I remodeled the old Bonitz Farm House on Bonitz Road (( Stanley Lake Road by PennDott )). I think the old spirits like what we've done because they have never bothered us. I've lived in 2 haunted homes in my life so I know the feeling of spirits around.
I know of a story regarding the old general store on Main Street in Friendsville kitty corner from St. Francis Church, now it's a new modular home. There was a murder and the girls body was thrown down the well on the property.
Would love to know more about the area if there are any more storied out there.
Thanks for sharing.

Game Land Road
by: Barbara

My former husband use to own a house on Game Land Road about three miles off of Rt. 858. This has been over ten years, I had to spend the night up there all alone and no neighbors nearby. It must have been 9 or 9:30 when I saw this flat bed truck with a large container go up the road. There is only the game lands above us. I figured someone was practicing Satanism, about mid-night the truck comes back down the road. I heard strange noises all night long, but nothing tired to get into the house.

The next morning, I found big cat prints in the mud and on my front porch. Now, I know the Pennsylvania Game Wardens deny any cougars being around but what they say and what is, are two different things.

Friendsville PA ghost sightings
by: Jim

I was wondering if anyone knows anything about the
Big old Coleman house on route 858 in Friendsville.
It's the abandoned looking old home next to the Rainbow Inn on Route 858.It is across the street from the Darius Coleman cemetary.I know it has not been lived in in over 15 years and the Colemans were one of the first settlers in the area.I was wondering if anyone could share any information about the house or Friendsville in general.You could post your responses here or email me

my home
by: Anonymous

my mom says she claims to see all those things and we live close to the old inn i too olways feel someone watching me and i have seen a man in a suit and in a tophat in my room im able to talk to him and he tells great tails but he said the last thing he remembers is a women trying to cross the street and he swerved but crashed and that was that

great story dude
by: 14 year old writer

I'm actually a eighth cherokee and live on an indian burial ground in bedford. I think because of our ancestors and their spiritual past we can connect with the paranormal easier. Great story I have noo doubt in my mind that this is true.

by: Anonymous

Yeah, I knoww to be careful with themm. I've had some crazy stuff happen with it. I haven't used one in quite a while.

Ghosts in Friendsville, PA
by: Patricia


Thanks for telling us your tales of ghosts in your area of PA. I just wanted to tell you please be careful using a Ouija Board. I've talked to a paranormal investigator awhile back and he told me whatever you do never use a Ouija Board to contact spirits because you never know what kind of spirits that you'll attract. He told me of a story of a young girl that was being constantly haunted by a spirit she attracted after using a Ouija Board and she ended up committing suicide.

Thanks for joining in and I hope you'll visit often,


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