Fond Memories of the Allegheny Mountains

by Mary

For a long time I had vacation property in the Allegheny Mountains. Life was grand. I had two small sons, and my husband's family owned 19 acres in the Allegheny National Forest in Northwest PA. Then came a divorce. I miss the mountains and hills. What I remember are long walks down country roads, the Victorian town of Franklin, PA and the small historical town of Tidioute. I miss the curve of the Allegheny River and the scary fog at night when we would drive in after a long days work in Michigan where we lived.

Those days are gone for me now, although my boys can still visit with their dad when he goes there. One of the best things I took away from my cottage and the beautiful mountains was the calling to finally write the novel I always knew I would write. In fact, I wrote two, and I'm writing the 3rd in the series. They take place in the Allegheny Mountains right where I visited for more than 20 years. My characters walked in the same places I did, and I get a good feeling whenever I think of writing those books.

For those of you who are there on a daily basis, I hope you can enjoy what you see every day. Your state is beautiful, and I still miss it.

Thanks so much for the opportunity to relive this memory.

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Love Affair with the Allegheny Mountains
by: Patricia

Hello Mary,

You sound like a woman that is very homesick for the Allegheny Mountains. I can't say I blame you, I love these mountains too. Once they get in your blood it's a life long love affair.

I would just love to read your books, are they published yet?

You know, you are always welcome to come back to Pennsylvania and start new memories in the Allegheny Mountains. I'm sure your son's would love to join you.

Thank you so much for sharing your memories with us. Sometimes we tend to take these mountains for granted and it's a shame because they are so beautiful,


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