Fire in the Sky

by Mel
(Altoona PA USA)

This was in the 1970s....I was about 10yrs and me and my grandmother both saw a fire ball, REALLY CLOSE and LARGE fly past us the night of my uncle-her son passed away in a big rig...horrible death, then about a yr. later while me and my grandmother stood on my homes front porch another one of my uncle was killed rapping a car around a tree...we saw the same thing ..both sightings were around 10pm....I'll never forget my gram saying "Its the end of the world". I was so scared and still can not explain what those fire balls were but I swear it happened on both occasions....What was the meaning of it? I mean 1 time was scary enough but both on a night of 2 deaths. Still freaks me out to this day.

Thanks for listening and if any one else remembers seeing a fire ball in the 70s please contact me....943-7576....thank you M Rightenour

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Strange Fireball
by: Patricia

Hi Mel,

I grew up in Altoona, PA also. Lots of strange things happen in the area that go unexplained. I never saw a fireball in the sky but, one night in the 60s I was standing outside with my mother, she was talking to a neighbor that lived across the street and suddenly, out of nowhere, a strange streak of lightening, or maybe even a fireball, came shooting down the street. Both our neighbor and my mother and I saw it but we never found out what is was or where it came from.

If you get any responses by phone it would be great if you let us know.


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