Feelings in Jim Thorpe

by Dane
(Pittston, PA USA)

I'll be honest, I don't believe in ghost or psychic stuff but after my unforgettable 2007 trip to Jim Thorpe, I started to. The town has a lot of history, including Asa Packer Mansion and the Jim Thorpe Jail. These two in particular are where I felt things, things beyond my comprehension. When we toured the Asa Packer mansion, I felt a cool rush inside; now that may have been the July air conditioning, but I didn't mind the air.

When we took the tours, through the parlors, halls and numerous bedrooms, I felt chilled and a little on edge. It was cramped and had strayed off away from the 'pack' to see the master bedroom. It was cordoned off and I peeked inside, when I felt a chill and just had the notion that two persons died in the vast room. When the guide moved us to this room, I already familiar with its looks, asked her who, if any died here, she answered two of the Packer relatives. I got a large chill when I heard that, and was quiet the rest of the tour.

On my tour of the jail, which is over 100 years old, was the sight of 4 infamous hangings of Molly Maguire leaders. Upon seeing this, I remembered their names, seen before somewhere, and guessed where they were; Campbell I thought front right, but after the Packer mansion debockle, I thought to keep my mouth shut.

Touring the upper and lower rows of cells was troubling; they were all pitch black, as in darker than night. I was afraid to see. When we went in the prisonyard, I felt a chill and figured that someone died there terribly. The tour party went to the dungeon, and I stayed above after these terrible feelings all over me. I hated that and as I peeked down, I felt chills and an overwhelming feeling of death.

I will never go to either sights in town again.

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Jim Thorp Jail
by: B

I visited the jail and saw the hand print. It is amazing that it is there and no cameras are permitted.

by: mick

You most certainly had a paranormal experience! I haven't heard of paranormal activity there before but now, to me, it is onvious. I would love to do an investigation at these places. I would also love to have someone like you be a guide on an investigation.


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