Family Hauntings

by Sarah
(Altoona, PA)

I feel at times a place itself may not be haunted but sometimes people are. My sister being one of them.

Every house she's ever lived in including the ones while we were kids she's always seen shadows, heard noises and had weird things happen especially if she was alone.

My brother on trick or treat night was playing around in the attic w/ a video camera mainly picking on my sister w/ it, all of a sudden you can hear the dog barking up the steps to where he is so we turn up the volume to hear the video and all of a sudden you can hear, "come with me come come." Real low whisper, my brother immediately wanted to go back up stairs to see if he could take pictures or whatever but his friend that was up there holding the camera refused, he was terrified.

I remember also sitting in the living room w/ the TV off and looking through the reflection into the kitchen and we could see a man walk across it. The kitchen chair would sometimes be in the middle of the kitchen for no reason, the computer would sign online by itself.

My step mothers house before she turned the one room into the weight room it was the guest bedroom. One night some of her relatives could here scratching under the bed then it felt like something jumped up on the bed like a dog. They thought it was a the family dog until they turned on the light and no one was there.

Also, to clarify the Altoona lights thing up on Wopsy. My dad said you could see it back in the 70's but since then they've put up more lights and taken down old ones. So I would say its safe to say it no longer spells out Altoona.

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Ghostly Tales of Sights and Sounds
by: Patricia

Hello Sarah,

Yes, you're right, I believe some people just seem to attract strange hauntings.

Some ghosts just love playing tricks on the minds of people. I have heard so many tales of people losing things, knowing exactly where they left an object, then after going crazy searching for it for sometimes weeks or months the object suddenly appears exactly where they thought they left it. I know, it's happened to me many times.

I'm wondering if your step mom has had any experiences since she turned that room into a weight room.

I would have loved to hear your brothers recording, although if I would have been his friend I doubt if I would have wanted to go up the steps either. I'll bet that's why the dog was barking, like children, animals are much more sensitive than adults are.

By the way, you're dad is right, I remember going to Whopsy Lookout as a teenager in the 60s, (now I'm showing my age) and I could make out the first A and the T, an O and the last A, to spell out Altoona from the street lights, the rest of the letters were hidden by the trees. But in the 70s the roads started getting changed along with the street lights. It's too bad, that was such a unique attraction when visiting Whopsy.


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