Crispy on the Edges at Ship Hotel

by 13 year old writer
(Bedford, PA)

I personally do not believe this story but i found it interesting so I'll tell you.

This story goes that a young couple coming through Bedford were tired and looking for a place to stay for the night and came to a tiny cabin on the side of the road. The couple went inside to find an elderly couple with the man standing at the front desk. The young man had asked for a room for the night and the cost. The elderly man replied that he had many rooms available, and all were free of charge. Of course, this is a wonderful deal for a young couple so they took the first room on the left. As the couple turned in for the night the elderly man made numerous checks to see if the comfort level suited them and offered dinner. After consuming the feast the young couple went to bed and slept one of the best nights of sleep either of them had had in years. As they got up changed and began to make their way out the young man said, "Stop!, I want to leave some money for the elderly couple." Although either the old lady or the old man where anywhere to be found, the young man left twenty dollars on the front desk. As the couple left and went into town for lunch they bragged about how they stayed at the most charming little bed and breakfast in Bedford. One man there recognized the location the couple was bragging about and told them that the cabin burned down and the elderly couple inside died in the flames, and it had happened 5 years ago exactly yesterday. At this point the young couple was in pure shock and filled with terror. After they finished lunch they went back to the location of the cabin in which they stayed last night, and to their astonishment the cabin was nowhere and grass covered the ground once covered by hard wood floors. The young man could not believe this and walked up to investigate their resent discovery. As he approached the past location he could see the front desk with his money slightly burnt on the edges. The couple got in the car and it is said that their house burnt down within the year. Cause unknown. Now let's get things straight I do not in any way believe this story, although you have to admit it is very interesting. It is said that the location the people are talking about is the Ship Hotel. The one that advertises you can see three states. Although if this is true it would not be a cabin and although it is rather close to Bedford it is about 15 minutes past the Jean Bonnet Tavern.

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Ship Hotel
by: Mick

Sounds interesting. I never heard that story but have heard many about that area. My group conducted an investigation at the Jean Bonnet and a few months later, The Old Lincoln. The Old Lincoln is about 15 minutes down the road from The Bonnet. I spoke with many locals while researching these two places but this never came up. I will have to contact this place and see if they are having an paranormal episodes and would invite an investigation.

Thanks kid! Keep them coming!


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