A Piece of Art You Can Ride!
DelGrosso Park's Antique Carousel

Enjoy an old fashioned, hand-painted, piece of art you can ride. It's DelGrosso Park's Antique Carousel Ride. It's a piece of art, with nylon tails and hair.

DelGrosso Park's Carousel has 36 hand-carved and hand-painted horses of various breeds. Each horse has a hand carved and hand painted blanket with its own saddle.

The horses on the inner two rows jump as it spins to the tunes of its 51-key Wurilitzer 146B.

There are two stationary charlots, adorned with American folk art carvings and paintings. The charlots provide a safe place for parents to sit with their babies while the older children ride on the horses.

Carousel Connoisseurs
Visit DelGrosso Park

PA amusement parks,Award from National Carrousel Association

The National Carousel Association arrived at DelGrosso Park on August 25, 2005, with three charter buses full of Antique Carousel Connoisseurs. They presented the PA Amusement Park with a beautiful Award Plaque, which is a real honor and kept on display in front of the beautiful Carrousel for all visitors to enjoy.

Of the 148 hand-carved Antique Carousels operating today, 73 are Hershell-Spillman made, like DelGrosso Park. The well-maintained Carousel Ride shows the dedication and pride the DelGrosso family pay not only to their Antique Carousel but also to their beautiful Pennsylvania Amusement Park.

At the start of the 20th century, more than 1,000 hand carved carousel rides were in use. DelGrosso Parks Carousel Ride has a certain patina to it that you just can't get from fiberglass.

The association also presented DelGrosso Park with a plaque for the Antique Carousel in 1988, which made the 2005 presentation far more significant.

DelGrosso Amusement Park is by far one of the most popular PA Amusement Parks, especially in the Allegheny Mountains of Central Pennsylvania.

Unwind At The End Of Your Day
Enjoy Riding The Carousel At Night

Take a ride at night on DelGrosso Parks Antique Carousel Ride and you will feel like you are riding a different ride. The beautiful colored lights and music provide such a relaxing atmosphere for children and adults alike.

DelGrosso Parks antique carousel ride at night Once you spent a day at the park, enjoy all the great food, and look forward to the ride home, there is no easier way to unwind than to take a final spin on the Award Winning Carousel.

Dolores Lynch, from the National Carousel Association, said; "It's one of the few rides in life where nobody wins--yet everybody wins."


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