Cabin Fever

by 12 year old writer

I heard this story last week, A couple was visiting Bedford on their honeymoon and needed a place to stay, all of the major hotels and motels were booked solid when they came upon a large cottage. They stopped in hope of a room when an older couple and their dog answered the door. The couple asked for a room and family kindly obliged. Even though the older couple refused money, before the new couple left, they left some money on the night stand. As they traveled on down the road they stopped for breakfast and told their waitress about the wonderful stay at the cabin. The waitress partly fainted in shock as she told the couple that the place burnt down about a month earlier. Well the skeptic couple curious to see if the statement was really true they drove back to the cabin. Sure enough their money was lying on what was left of the night stand along with the brass bed frame. The couple moved across the country and was never seen in any part of Bedford county again.

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Strange Bedford, PA
by: Patricia

Bedford, PA is such a strange but beautiful area of Pennsylvania. The ghostly tales that come from there are legend. I know so many are documented which makes anything we hear could possibly be true.

Thanks for sharing your ghostly tale,


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