Burnside (Lady In White)

by Jason
(burnside, pa, usa)

You can see the lady in white while traveling up or down Burnside mountain. She stands next to road with her finger pointing near Shamokin. She has been seen by many locals and travelers. She has been seen starting back to dates beginning in early 1942. When a traveler first seen her standing along side Burnside mountain. He said she seemed to be looking for someone. When he pulled up to her she then vanished.

We have seen her every night all of our lives. She is more like family in our small town. We have only been able to obtain one picture of Mrs. Robert J. Ferlenda. She is the wife of general Robert J. Ferlenda. His life was taken in war. That is who we feel she maybe looking for. He has never returned home to her or their only son Robert J. Ferlenda.

Like many ghost stories documented, its a sight you have to see for yourself. Don't get your hopes up if you don't see her. The best time is around 12:42 pm. Which was known of the time he was to have returned and never did.

We welcome you to our very small town and to our (Lady in White)

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Burnside Lady in White
by: William Conti

What an interesting piece of local folklore. It's interesting that this posting includes an actual photograph/that the apparition is actually photographable. Thanks for sharing thi.

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