Brittanys Story of WopsyGhost

by Matthew kelly
(Fallentimber pa )

My girlfriend, Brittany, swears to me she's seen " something". So much so she won't let me drive the wopsy route home. She swears to me it was a white figure, hovering in the middle of the road, and she and her friends drove through it. Like any boyfriend, most likely, I kinda played w her about it and kind of made light of it, untill she started crying when she told me. She said that the white figure hovered in the middle of the road, and when they drove through it it went over the top and sides of the car. That there were light red " tails" that could be seen on either side out of the side windows. When she looked back there was nothing there. I have hunted many times up there, at night for coyotes, and have never seen anything. But listening to her tell me, and how scared she gets,leaves no doubt in my mind that she saw it. She saw " something" as she puts it. And it wasn't a prank, a joke, or anything like that.

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Wopsy Ghost
by: Patricia

Thank you so much Matthew for sharing the experience your girlfriend and her friend had on Wopsy Mountain. I have heard many stores of that area but I have to admit this is the first time I've heard about something with red tails. I doubt it would have been the famous White Lady of Wopsy. I know I would want to see anything like that on any road. I can understand why she don't want you going in that area.


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