Blue Hole Spirit

by shannon
(williamsburg, PA ,USA)

Well it was back in the early 2000's when a man was beaten and hung out at the blue hole on the side closest to the Ganister bridge on the left hand side.

When you go to visit the blue hole and you stop the car and look to the left you see nothing then you look away and all you here is "help me" and "please help" then you look back at the tree and you see the man for just a quick second and then he is gone.

I think it is sad that he had to die that way and that people have to see him that way all bruised and cut open like an old rag doll.

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why did it happen
by: amanda

why was he killed how do you get more information about it?

Blue Holes Hauntings
by: Patricia

Hello Shannon,

I have heard about the Blue Holes in the Central PA area but I have never heard about a man being beaten and hung there. Wow, what a sad story. I can't imagine what on earth the man could have done to go to his death like that. I'm wondering if the people that did it was ever caught.

Have you experienced this event yourself while visiting the Blue Holes? I've heard it's a popular area to picnic and go swimming.

Thank you for sharing this ghostly tale with us,


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